Our current published items include Oregon Pre-license materials, an Exam Review, and the required Advanced Real Estate Practices courses in three forms; Text book, Computer based, and Live Classroom Instruction

Without being purchased directly from an Oregon Real Estate Agency and State Education Division approved school, these materials will not count towards a students credit hours.

The prices below are wholesale only. If you are a student and would like to know more about our materials, course costs and criteria, connect with one of the schools listed on the left side of this page or contact us directly.

Oregon Real Estate Broker License Material

Completion of seven different courses are necessary to meet the requirements of the Oregon Real Estate Agency and to obtain a Completion Certificate. The certificate activates the student's license after they have passed the state exam.

The seven areas of study include Oregon Real Estate Practices, Oregon Real Estate Agency, Oregon Real Estate Law, Oregon Real Estate Contracts, Oregon Real Estate Finance, Oregon Real Estate Property Management, and Oregon Real Estate Brokerage and provides comprehensive coverage of the questions found in the Oregon real estate examination.

Text Books

The book version of our Broker Pre-license course has been approved by the OREA and ARELLO, meeting the guidelines of both agencies. They are designed to give the student the maximum information related to the subject matter in a condensed form. Students using the complete program consistently score in the high 80's on their license exam. The three texts contain material relating to the 7 required study sections and are supplied with two final exams for each section. The Pre-License Workbook contains a number of study helpers as well as all of the approved chapter quizzes and assignments relating to the seven study areas..

PRICE $30.00
PRICE $40.00
PRICE $40.00
Workbook A/P Hand
PRICE $15.00
PRICE $75.00
PRICE $18.00

Computer based

Our computer based Oregon Real Estate Broker Pre-license course contains the same material as the text book version but is incorporated into a computer program. This is an excellent delivery method for those on the go that cannot always find an internet connection. It also allows the student to experience interactive quizzes and chapter exercises and to print out items for further reference.

The Advanced Real Estate Practices computer course is a duplicate of the text book version and includes interactive questions and the option to print out the chapter material. This required 30 hour Continuing Education course has been written to be beneficial and interesting to the practicing broker.

The Review Tests CD program contains almost 700 questions covering more than 85% of the material found on the Broker License exam. Along with 2 practice quizzes each for the 7 sections, there is also a special quiz relating to the "60 Most Missed Questions" from the actual state Exam. This "Cram" program is intended as either a final review just before a student takes the state exam or they can take the two section review quizzes after completing each course section. After finishing each of the 14 quizzes and the 60 Most Missed quiz with a score of 75% or higher, the student is allowed access to the mock State and National final exam containing 150 questions.

In most cases these Computer Program disks can be "branded" with your logo or company name at no additional charge.

Pre CD

Pre-License Course

PRICE $245.00

Review Tests

PRICE $20.00

Advanced Practices

PRICE $100.00

Live Classroom Instruction

We have created ACCELERATED course classroom instruction materials to make available live instruction for our Pre-License and Advanced Practices courses. Also available is a live instruction, one day, 8 hour, Pre-license "Cram" course for pre-exam review. Each of these courses include tests, quizzes, assignments, instructors notes and a complete PowerPoint presentation. They are loaned to qualified schools who are purchasing our published materials. (No Charge).

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