InsuranceWe are currently the distributors of Oregon Insurance Division approved study courses. For schools wanting a quality resident student package, at a very affordable price, this is the way to go. The courses are sold in one of two "flip" books. These are either Life and Health, or Property and Casualty. If a student is studying for their Life license, they begin reading at the "front" of the Life/Health book. When they wish to study for their Health license, they simply "flip" the book over and begin reading from the "back".

We offer each set of books (Life/Health or Property/Casualty) complete with Chapter Quizzes and 2 sets of Final Exams.

Classroom Instruction

We have available instruction materials that allows a school to offer the student the opportunity to fulfill their required study hours in a classroom setting. This consists of an instructor manual with class notes. Overhead Transparencies relating to They are loaned to qualified schools who are purchasing our published materials. ($100 Refundable Deposit)


Individuals interested in Insurance pre-license courses should contact one of the affiliated schools listed to the left or,

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